Watch Us Grow - Work Skills Program

Since 2011 the Creations Watch Us Grow on-the-job training program has already provided life changing education, training and awareness to ten individuals. Creations provides a supportive environment for on-the-job training that caters to men and women struggling with mental health issues, recovering from addiction or in need of contemporary job skills. 

Trainees learn retail and customer service skills in our museum store, teach art classes and creativity in our art space, learn food preparation and healthy food through the Creations Mobile and live Creations' mission to provide an inclusive and encouraging space that builds a healthy community, one art project, healthy snack and positive experience at a time. 

Also significantly, participants in the Watch Us Grow on-the-job training program directly serve the 35,000 annual visits to the Creations interactive museum, a majority of which are local families from Bonner, Boundary and Kootenai Counties.  Watch Us Grow partners with the federally funded Experience Works Program, the Department of Labor and local court ordered community service programs.

Watch Us Grow job skill trainees also take part in the Inevitable Choices classes taught by Marsha O'Dell-Elliot. The course helps participants discover and look at issues which limit workplace and personal success and guides them to find their best choice in each situation.  Once taken up, these life choices lead the participant onto the most productive path to become a more effective and successful person both in the workplace and in their private life.