The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree Project was started 8 years ago when Tammy and Lee Shivel saw a need in our community to first, help families with needed winter items and second, spread the holiday cheer of giving. This amazing couple saw many of their fellow community members who live in poverty struggling through winter without warm coats, hats, gloves, boots or warm pajamas. They also knew many families that due to lack of funds literally did not give or receive anything during the holiday season. They decided to meet both needs through the Giving Tree Project. Each giving tree has numbered tags that state the client’s age, gender and what they need this holiday season.

In December the community can take one of these tags from one of the giving trees at Winter Ridge, Yokes, The Cedar Street Bridge and Mountain West Bank and respond by buying the items, which average $50 in needed gifts per client. Tammy then organizes the donated gifts and personally delivers the gifts to the recipient in need.       

The Giving Tree Program is supported by proceeds from the holiday bake sale on the Cedar Street Bridge at Creations during December,  private donations, a Community Assistance Leage (CAL) grant and of course the generous individuals that buy needed items through the giving tree tags.

Thank you for bringing cheer to a neighbor in need this holiday season.