Art Classes

Creative Hands Expand the Mind - Drop-in Art Classes:

     Exploring Art Techniques with Anna, Wednesdays at 3pm - $5 (Children and Adults welcome)

     Art for Tots with Liz, Thursdays at 11am - $3 (All ages welcome)

     Special Saturday Craft Projects, visit the Creations Art studio 10am - 3pm for a new craft project each Saturday

     Ladies Night Potluck and Crafting, every other Wednesday, $10 (includes class and canvas), bring a dish to share, text 208-304-7384 for details

     Coming this summer: Discovery Through Art Special Needs Class with Shery, in partnership with Team Autism 24/7

Creative Hands Expand the Mind Art Classes - Registration Required:

     Children's Paint and Sip, monthly at 1pm -  (11 x 17 painting and Italian soda or smoothie) $17, RSVP to Shery

     Adult Acrylic Painting Class with Anna, Third Thursday of the month at 6pm $35 includes canvas, painting supplies, art instruction and refreshments. This class is a fundraiser for local children's art programs. RSVP text 208-304-7384

     Wooden Sign Making, class one time each month, 6:30pm $35 RSVP to Raychelle 208-392-2388

For more art class information and pictures, visit our Creations Facebook page!


Creation teaches educational art classes for adults and youth through our Creative Hands Expand the Mind Program. The program’s key component is to offer skills based art instruction classes that are accessible to all Bonner and Boundary County children and adults.

During the program year Creations offers a variety of art classes, including: The Art of Drawing, Crafting with Kids; Jewelry Making and Beyond; Children’s Paint and Sip (smoothies); Skills Based Painting Instruction with Mary; Elements of Art; Summer Art Workshop; and Discovery Through Art Special Needs class. In addition to offering on-site art classes on the Cedar Street Bridge described above, Creations has partnered with numerous local schools, city and county government entities and other community organizations to offer art classes and projects out in the community.

Creations ensures excellence in the artistic quality of our programs by creating curriculum using the Idaho Content Standards for the visual arts. Our curriculum includes critical thinking and historical and cultural context, along with identifying the needs of the students, including fine motor skills, arts elements vocabulary, composition and learning to critique each other’s work.