Local Artist Calendar of Events - Sandpoint, Idaho



"Does Art Change Our Consciousness?"

February 13th  from 6-8 PM

At Ivano's Ristorante

Come to be inspired to create beautiful art and music to increase human altruism, pleasure, and serenity. Visionary Art, Neuroaesthetics, and the Power of Beauty will be shared and discussed.  

Anyone interested is welcome. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Also, please come to dine and support Ivano’s Ristorante, located at 102 South First Ave. in Sandpoint. 

The Conversation is a FREE monthly event with the intent to support the tenacity it takes to make and market art in the visual, literary, and performing fields. 

Questions? Contact Mary at 208.263-1592.


Creations sponsors...

The Conversation, the FREE monthly event that supports our artist community by cultivating conversations on and about the creative processes for all the visual, literary, and performing artists in and around Sandpoint.  

We meet  at local restaurants on the second Wednesday of each month.

Anywhere from three to fifty-three participants come together to hear a speaker, discuss the
artistic process, as well as, to network on projects for themselves and for the community.

This special program inspires artists to leave their lonely studios and to come to meet, support and learn from the each other. 

Contact person is Mary Maio at 208.263-1592.